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Fast Data Tools For Savvy Investors

We've spent decades understanding financial markets so you can make decisions in seconds.

For Managers

Our advanced machine learning and AI pipelines help you see through the noise and identify clear actionable signals for your clients.

For Investors

Unlock rapid, precise asset valuations and market trends. Make informed investment decisions effortlessly in otherwise illiquid markets where it's hard to find a price.  

Machine learning and ai. how we can help

Get More From Your Data

Predictive Asset Valuation

Machine learning lets you analyze vast quantities of data and uncover patterns that are not immediately apparent to humans.

Our low latency cloud hosted models provide data-driven insights and valuations in all kinds of markets. These predictive models highlight assets and structures that are mispriced or trending towards being so.

Our state of the art models are extraordinarily accurate and ideal for price discovery in illiquid markets like property, alternatives and crypto. Find out more...

Data Security

Data hungry AI models require extra secure data pipelines to protect the integrity of your business and the confidentiality of your data.. Find out more...

Automate Processes

Not every client interaction needs a person involved. Neither you nor your clients want to waste time on the phone when the job could be automated. 

Our Prompt Flow conversational framework can guide your clients through the most complex workflows 24/7.

Taking orders, processing loan applications or handling support requests - there's almost nothing we can't  automate. Find out more...

Enterprise Wide Business Intelligence

Chat with data in any format in your own words and get immediate answers around the clock.

Create on the fly visualisations from your portfolio, chat with financial reports or get straight answers from lengthy lender documents or reg requirements.

Think "done for you" Power BI or ChatGPT on your own data and in your own secure cloud. Find out more...

Get New Ideas: Cloud Tech & AI Consulting

Already using AWS or Azure and want to get started with AI?   

If you're a fund manager or investor, a broker-dealer or financial advisor, and curious to see how using AI could transform your business then let's talk.

We've got loads of great ideas and would love to partner with ambitious teams like yours to turn them into reality.

Curious about how we can help your fund or fintech to go faster? Find out more...

AI-Powered Insights

Why choose Idealiq

Leverage our deep understanding of financial markets and investment management, and start using AI to grow your business. Whether you're an investor, fund or fintech the truth is there has never been a bigger opportunity to move your business forward than there is right now!

Predictive Analytics for Asset Valuation and Risk Management

Regression based predictive analytics offer insights into market dynamics and customer behaviors, enabling you to proactively adapt and seize opportunities. Find out more...

Data Driven Decision Making

Empower your strategic decisions with our AI's ability to analyze complex datasets, revealing critical trends and patterns that inform smarter business moves.

Automation & Consulting

Harness the power of generative AI and LLM powered AI agents to streamline your manual processing. Have your best people working on the stuff that matters; automate the rest. Find out more...