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Data Pipelines

We deliver secure end-to-end solutions for sourcing, transforming, storing and visualizing one of your business's most important assets.

AI innovation

What is Data Engineering?

Data engineering is the process of taking real world data and transforming that into business information and intelligence.

At Idealiq we build secure scalable infrastructure to pipe data from literally any source and turn it into actionable business information. Fast!

Integrated Data Pipelines

Secure data sources for instrument static and reference data, benchmarks and market data. Build fail proof interfaces for transactional, custody and reporting SOR's.

Data Warehouse Solutions

Store your structured and unstructured data for fast 'slice and dice' business intelligence dashboards and OLAP cubes. We've helped build DWH's for the world's biggest banks and we can help you too.

Machine Learning & AI Ops

Fast secure data sourcing, feature engineering and feature store management for your AI and machine learning operations.


At Idealiq we're focused on creating new opportunities and breaking down old world barriers to entry and scale.

AI-Powered Insights

Current Projects

With cutting-edge technology and deep domain knowledge, we transform raw data from any data source into actionable insights for your business.

Equity Research API

Our innovative equity research API is designed to analyze the influence of news stories, technical indicators, and market fundamentals and estimate their impact on asset prices.

This sophisticated platform integrates data from diverse sources, including real-time news feeds, intricate technical trading patterns, and comprehensive fundamental analysis, employing state-of-the-art data engineering techniques.

By processing this information, the system provides a nuanced understanding of market dynamics, delivering impact scores that quantify the relative effect of each factor on price action.

Looking for ideas on how to improve the data flows in your business. We've got plenty!  Get in touch to find out more.