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Gen AI Innovation

Make the most from large language models like ChatGPT and LLaMA. Discover new possibilities at the core of your business with our cutting-edge Generative AI solutions.

AI innovation

What Is Gen AI?

Generative AI is a class of machine learning models that generate and consume content, such as text, images, or even voice, that is indistinguishable from human-created content.

These models enable all kinds of new applications from customer support and process automation to complex data analysis and product design.

Create New Opportunities

By integrating Gen AI at the platform level you'll create completely new opportunities in your business - vs just bolting on top of existing processes.

AI Workflow Automation

Our AI co-pilots work alongside to assist in tasks ranging from content creation and data analysis, to complex client facing workflow automation.  You'll experience accelerated workflows, enhanced decision-making, and massively increased productivity.


AI allows us to rethink even the most fundamental assumptions of how business works. At Idealiq we're focused on creating new opportunities and breaking down old world barriers to entry and scale.

AI-Powered Insights

Current Projects

Gen AI is much more than a ChatGPT subscription. We're using the power of generative AI to rationalise processes and deliver real innovation and results. Here's a few examples of how Idealiq is disrupting business models with cutting edge AI.

Fin Analysis & Research API

Our specialist financial analyst engine uses natural language processing (NLP) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG) to help you truly understand your data - fast!

Our model is fine-tuned to understand fundamental analysis and valuation metrics and generate insights of its own. Host on your own secure cloud or access via REST API. Our analytics engine can read and understand up to 8'000 pages of financial reporting or research in a couple of minutes.

Get fast summaries on company financials and generate client recommendations and newsletters instantly. Leverage our ideas or implement your own - all in your own language and 24/7.

We've got dozens of out of the box solutions for growth hacking your marketing and sales as well as shovel ready designs with massive potential ROI for your business. Get in touch to find out more.

What Else Can We Do
With Gen AI?

Bought-in to AI and looking for ideas? We've got lots of them!

Custom Q&A Chatbots

Deploy AI-driven chatbots trained on your own proprietary data to handle customer inquiries and provide instant 24/7 support.

Extract Public Data

Retrieve structured data from any public source to use for your own workflows. Scrape public sources to build cold email lists or to train your own prediction models.

Automate Stuff You Hate

Build customized flows for repetitive tasks like writing notes, sending emails, booking meetings and customer support.

Demand Forecasting Models

Use deep learning to accurately predict future product demand based on various factors like market trends, seasonality, and economic indicators, aiding in inventory and supply chain planning.

Event Driven Marketing Triggers

AI agents that identify and act upon real-time events or changes in customer behavior, enabling timely and relevant marketing responses.

ROI Optimized Campaigns

Use deep learning to analyze past campaign data and optimize the allocation of marketing budget for higher return on investment.

Get Market Sentiment Analysis

Analyze news articles, social media, and market sentiment to gauge investor sentiment and make data-driven investment choices.

Reduce Dual Key Risk

Integrate with ERP systems, ServiceNow, SAP, HubSpot or practically any other. Automatically create zaps, scenarios, tasks, issues and accounts.

Prototype Strategies Faster

Rapidly prototype and refine innovative investment products and strategies, and do fast QA on your design assumptions.