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AI Sales & Marketing

Smart targeted solutions that streamline processes, increase efficiency, and drive sales. Experience the power of smart technology in taking your revenue to the next level.

AI innovation

Deep Learning For Marketing?

Deep Learning models harness sophisticated AI algorithms to uncover hidden patterns in client and market data. This advanced technology enables precise targeting and predictive analytics, giving you a competitive edge in crafting marketing strategies that resonate deeply and drive growth.

Generate Better Leads

Utilize deep learning to attract and filter high-quality leads for your business, ensuring a more efficient and effective targeting process.

Prevent Customer Churn

Predict and prevent customer churn by identifying key patterns and trends, enabling proactive engagement strategies.

Optimize Promotion

Optimize promotional efforts with advanced analytics, ensuring maximum impact and ROI from every campaign.


AI allows us to rethink even the most fundamental assumptions of how business works. At Idealiq we're focused on creating new opportunities and breaking down old world barriers to entry and scale.

AI-Powered Insights

Current Projects

AI is reshaping the landscape of digital commerce right now. Here's a glimpse into our current ventures, where innovation meets practical application to drive exceptional results.

Predictive Lead Scoring Machine

Use deep learning to identify the online leads most likely to convert so you can focus your marketing and sales resources where they matter most!

Customer Churn Prediction

Deploy an early warning system for customers likely to leave. Accurately identify customers at risk of churn, and enable proactive measures for retention. Our state of the art Deep Learning-based models offer astonishingly high prediction accuracy.

We've got dozens of out of the box solutions for growth hacking your marketing and sales as well as shovel ready designs with massive potential ROI for your business. Get in touch to find out more.

How Can AI Growth Hack Your Business?

Bought-in to AI and looking for ideas? We've got lots of them!

Custom Q&A Chatbots

Deploy AI-driven chatbots to handle customer inquiries, providing instant, 24/7 support and improving customer satisfaction.

Sales & Revenue Forecasting

Forecast sales across individual salespeople, business units, product lines or locations with scientific precision. Enable more accurate planning and more efficient capex allocation.

Client Sentiment Analysis

Use deep learning to automatically analyze customer reviews and social media comments for insights into customer satisfaction and product perception.

Demand Forecasting Models

Use deep learning to accurately predict future product demand based on various factors like market trends, seasonality, and economic indicators, aiding in inventory and supply chain planning.

Event Driven Marketing Triggers

AI agents that identify and act upon real-time events or changes in customer behavior, enabling timely and relevant marketing responses.

ROI Optimized Campaigns

Use deep learning to analyze past campaign data and optimize the allocation of marketing budget for higher return on investment.

Personalized Website Experience

Implement AI to customize website experiences for individual visitors based on their interaction history and preferences.

Automated Email Marketing

Implement AI systems to personalize email content for different segments of your customer base, increasing engagement rates.

Custom Product Suggestions

Develop recommendation systems that suggest products or services to customers based on their browsing and purchase history.