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Who is Idealiq and what services do you offer?

Idealiq is a small team of finance and technology polymaths. We've all held key roles and worked with a diverse array of businesses in investment banking, investment management and technology and founded Idealiq Markets LLC in Delaware in 2014. We provide secure data engineering and AI solutions to banks, funds and FinTechs. We're active globally and have physical presence in Europe, the US , APAC and even Australia. Whether you're looking for advice on a predictive modeling idea, designing a data warehouse, or looking for a new end-to-end data pipeline we can help. We cater specifically to finance and market professionals .

How does Idealiq's AI technology benefit finance professionals?

Our AI technology helps finance professionals make data-driven decisions, uncover market insights, and enhance investment strategies. We offer predictive analytics, risk assessment tools, and operational efficiency improvements through automation and advanced data analysis.

What makes us unique in the AI solutions space?

Our deep understanding of both technology and the financial market sets us apart. We not only provide cutting-edge AI solutions but also tailor these to the specific needs of the financial sector, ensuring that our clients receive the most relevant and effective tools for their business.

Can Idealiq help with custom AI solution development?

Absolutely. We specialize in developing custom AI solutions that align with individual business objectives and challenges. Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and build bespoke AI tools that deliver tangible results.

How does Idealiq ensure the security and compliance of its AI solutions?

Security and compliance are paramount in our development process. We adhere to strict data protection standards and ensure that all our AI solutions comply with relevant financial regulations and industry best practices.

What support does Idealiq offer post-implementation of AI solutions?

We'll shoot you straight here - none of what we are implementing for you is just fire and forget. Data pipelines need to be maintained. Models need to be recalibrated. Your objectives will grow as your business grows. We look at all of our prospective clients as potential long-term relationships.